Bird population simulator

In the late 1990's Zach Peery, Wildlife Biologist, asked me to help with computer simulations of bird populations he was studying on the Pacific coast north of Santa Cruz, CA. I wrote a C++ program which grew in various directions over time, culminating in a version used in the writing of a paper for Ecology, a publication of the Ecological Society of America:

M. Zachariah Peery, Steven R. Beissinger, Roger F. House, Martine Bérubé, Laurie A. Hall, Anna Sellas, and Per J. Palsbøll. 2008. Characterizing source-sink dynamics with genetic parentage assignments. Ecology 89: 2746-2759.

The C++ code is not perfect. It represents a transition from C coding to C++ coding, so some C habits like printf have not yet been replaced with cout, etc.


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